mini cake

Our mini cakes selection comprises of classic flavours along with Gateau Mini specials. and we are specialized butter cream. All mini cakes made to order, so if you give us your idea, we can make your idea come to life. Cupcake are also available.

  • Mini Cake…£34.00~
  • Cupcake…£25.00~

++minimum order of 1 dozen++


Mini Cake

2 (1).jpeg

♠ Mr J Dodger…vanilla sponge, vanilla butter cream, freshly made raspberry goo

♠Totally Bisoff…Caramel Sponge, speculous butter cream, biscoff topping

♠OMG Cookie dough…cookie dough sponge, vanilla butter cream, freshly made cookie dough

♠Choco Choco Chocolate…chocolate sponge, chocolate butter cream,bisucuits topping &house made chocolate sauce